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  • GURUSavoury Butter Chicken Sauce, Mozza, Mushrooms, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Mango Chutney, Oregano
  • PICASSOTomato-Pesto Sauce, Mozza, Feta, Sun-dried Tomato, Artichoke, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Pine Nuts, Oregano
  • ARISTOTLETomato Sauce, Mozza, Feta, Spinach, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Bruschetta, Oregano
  • POPEYE Spinach SaladSpinach, Sundried Tomato, Red Onion, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Green Olives, Artichoke, Feta, Pine Nuts, Oregano, Balsamic Vinaigrette (On the Side)

The Avatara Catering Experience


We all love pizza. As a convenient and reliable go-to comfort food favourite, it’s a sure bet when you’re pressed to serve large diverse groups. However, traditional pizza only seems to drag us down, leaving us feeling tired and lethargic. In a high performance environment where you require only the best from your people, isn't it nice to know you have somewhere to turn?

With plenty of options for every palate and dietary restriction, you will impress with gourmet fire-roasted flatbread pizzas from Avatara: 

  • Try the 'Best in Chow' award winning Crusty Cowboy! Featured on the Food Channel & CMT this pizza has a combination of chili-lime BBQ Sauce, Mozzarella/ Cheddar Blend, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Bruschetta, Honey Drizzle, & Crushed Cashews.  Add a little bacon and it's to die for!
  • Traditional meat lovers rejoice with the T-Rex!  Try a simple yet flavourful tangy tomato sauce, topped with ham, salami, mozzarella, pepperoni, & bacon.
  • Enjoy a taste of India with the Guru!  Butter chicken sauce, mozarella, mushrooms, red pepper, red onion, mango chutney drizzle, & fresh cilantro top this heavenly delight.
  • Always 100% Gluten Free, our menu also caters to those requiring Dairy Free, Vegetarian, & Vegan options

Consider completing your Avatara Catering Experience with a little something on the side:

  • The Dervish always delights! Try Fire-Roasted organic falafel chips with squash hummus.
  • Keep it fresh with the Popeye spinach salad.  Topped with sundried tomato, red pepper, red onion, green olive, artichoke, feta & pine nuts.  Balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Your fine taste and our commitment to great food and beverages will distinguish your event from most any. Order accuracy, on time delivery, and convenient billing and payment terms are always top priority as we go about seeing your event through to success. Attentive and customized service are a hallmark of the avatara brand and as your caterer of choice we are committed to ensuring you have only the best experience.  

We thank you for choosing Avatara. Please keep in mind catering availability can fill-up fast. To secure your upcoming event contact us sooner rather than later at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403.457.4992


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